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Career Assessment Tests: Which to offer students for career decisions?

Career assessment tests play a critical role in helping students and individuals make crucial career choices, such as: What should I major in? What type of work am I suited to do? What...

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Kurt Kraiger, Ph.D. Principal Psychologist May 21, 2019

Has finding a purpose become a cliché?

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Purpose carries a strong definition that often gets watered down. Everyone wants to know their purpose and ways to find it. Being a sophomore in...

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Kyra Harmston May 07, 2019

Means to Live, But No Meaning to Live For: How to Find Meaning in Work

A book you’ve read at least once in your life – and need to read again – is Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning.  Frankl describes his time in a World War II Nazi death camp, and how, while...

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Kurt Kraiger, Ph.D. Principal Psychologist May 01, 2019

College Raptor: How to Discover Your Personalized College Matches

There are over 4,000 colleges in the US, and it’s your job to pick just one of them to attend. Some have recognizable names, others specialize in certain majors. Some are nearby, others far away...

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Allison Wignall, College Raptor Editor Apr 30, 2019

Finding Academic Success Inside and Outside of Class

School can be challenging – sometimes the classes are difficult but sometimes even showing up to class is difficult – and the success of other students can appear to be effortless. The key to...

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Colin Willis Apr 25, 2019

Get Ahead and Set SMARTER Goals for Work and Life

Are your goals working for you?

Goals are a powerful influence on behavior; they help us organize our activity and pursue a particular target (like getting a degree, getting a job, or achieving a...

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Bryan Dik, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer Apr 23, 2019

How Your Career Helps You Achieve Your Life Goals

What things are at the top of your list of life goals?  Is it a list of cities you would like to visit in the future or vacations you would like to take? Maybe purchasing your dream car or paying...

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Amy Huber, Science and Operations Lead Apr 18, 2019

Created by CSU Professors and Alums, jobZology Will Revisit Their Roots at CSU Ventures Demo Day at Colorado State University April 23rd

Fort Collins, CO, April 18, 2019:  jobZology® is a CSU Ventures spin-out incubated in 2012 by CSU Alums, Travis Hevelone, Eric Leftwich and CSU professors, Dr. Kurt Kraiger and Dr. Bryan Dik....

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Isabell Park, Marketing Manager Apr 18, 2019

How Do Vocational Choices Impact Career Success?

When you think about career success, what comes to mind? A paycheck, promotion, hitting your performance goals, soaring past them, having a sense of job security? Maybe it’s the feeling that...

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Amy Huber, Science and Operations Lead Apr 16, 2019

Career Guidance: Make Sure You Get What You Need

Authors: Bryan Dik Ph.D. and Ryan Duffy Ph.D.

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Bryan Dik, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer Apr 11, 2019

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