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3 Reasons to Consider Using the MBTI for Career Guidance


The NACE discussion boards recently posted a question about what career assessment you would use instead of the MBTI personality test. Understand that it's a trick question, because MBTI does...

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Kurt Kraiger, Ph.D. Principal Psychologist Jul 18, 2023

Is Higher Education Meeting the Real Desires of Today's Student?

When it comes to what students want from their college education, the answer is not a simple one. Students come from diverse backgrounds, have different goals, and seek a range of experiences....

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Eric Leftwich, Chief Revenue Officer Jul 13, 2023

A Pro Tip for PathwayU Learners:  Start Building Your Social Capital

You've taken the PathwayU assessments, read through your results, explored your career matches, and identified a few career paths that pique your interests. Now what?

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Bryan Dik, PhD, Chief Science Officer and Kurt Kraiger, PhD, Principal Psychologist Jul 10, 2023

The Budget Game. You Could Be A Winner...

An old English proverb is “waste not, want not” but a modern maxim of college administrators is “Use it or lose it.” Leaders in colleges and student services understand that if they don’t spend all...

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Kurt Kraiger, Ph.D. Principal Psychologist Jun 26, 2023

Trying to Figure Out Your Career Purpose? Use Expressive Writing — Seriously.

Are you trying to discern a sense of purpose for your career?

You might be surprised to learn that engaging in expressive writing about your career purpose is a tried-and-true strategy for gaining...

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Bryan Dik, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer Jun 22, 2023

3 ways to encourage peer-to-peer coaching

Coaching is a central service for any college career center–and it’s also one of the most time-consuming. When there are only so many hours in the day for your coaching staff to meet with students,...

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Jen Gose Jun 12, 2023

Are your career assessments any good, scientifically speaking? Part 2

Part 2: Validity. In my last blog post, I introduced the idea of reliability (e.g., consistency) and noted that if scores on a career assessment are not reliable, there is no way they are valid. But...

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Bryan Dik, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer May 11, 2023

Are your career assessments any good, scientifically speaking?  Part 1

Part 1: Reliability.  Are all career assessments created equal? If not, are there ways to judge which ones are better than others? Career assessments vary widely in their quality, and yes, there are...

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Bryan Dik, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer May 11, 2023

Don't Be The Unsung Hero On Your Campus

If you are reading this perhaps you too passionately believe that today's career center has evolved to be a critical part in ensuring all learners have a successful post-secondary education. While...

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Eric Leftwich Apr 24, 2023

It’s not me, it’s you. Campus Relations and Your Career Center.

Not too long ago, I was reading one of my favorite career advice columns when I noticed a conversation happening in the comment section about the uselessness of college career centers. Of course, as...

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Jen Gose Apr 04, 2023

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