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How PathwayU Is More Than A Career Assessment

PathwayU schools understand that the PathwayU platform is not just an assessment for students, but an educational support tool for career development professionals, faculty, academic advisors, and...

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Kurt Kraiger, Ph.D. Principal Psychologist Sep 20, 2022

Adding Purpose To The Internship Search

It seems like the internship search season begins earlier and earlier every year. As companies realize the recruitment value of implementing internship programs and tapping into college talent, the...

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Jen Gose Sep 13, 2022

Making The Connection From Major To Career

“What are you going to do with that?”:  Making the connection from major to career.

It’s a question that all liberal arts majors–and even some students in more practical fields of study–hear...

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Jen Gose Sep 06, 2022

Setting The Stage For Career Success As New Grads Enter A Remote Workforce

As a career professional, you’ve likely seen the headlines in major publications lamenting the difficulties new graduates face as they enter a workforce transformed by COVID–and for good reason. New...

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Jen Gose Aug 30, 2022

What Works in a Job Search? Part 4: Evaluate Job Offers In Light Of Your Calling

In this 4-part series, I’ve explored evidence provided in a classic meta-analysis by Liu, Huang, and Wang on effective job search interventions, and offered advice on how to navigate a job search...

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Bryan Dik, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer Aug 23, 2022

An Institutional Point of View: Make It a Great Academic Year

For most of our PathwayU schools, summer is coming to a close, students are beginning to arrive on campus, and there is an air of hope that this will be a great fall semester. But the race is long,...

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Bryan Dik, PhD, Chief Science Officer and Kurt Kraiger, PhD, Principal Psychologist Aug 16, 2022

The 3 Pillars of Impactful Coaching

According to the 2019-20 NACE Career Services Benchmarking Report, over 55% of career development professionals’ time is spent on student-facing activities. That’s a statistic that makes sense: after...

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Jen Gose Aug 09, 2022

What Works in a Job Search? Part 3: Keep the Pedal Down

The most effective job search interventions recognize that once you’ve learned and practiced key job search skills, deploying them with persistence requires motivation. This is especially the case...

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Bryan Dik, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer Aug 02, 2022

What Works in a Job Search? Part 2: Improve Your Self-Presentation

What does research reveal regarding how to navigate a job search well?  In my last blog post, I began to review the evidence found in Liu, Huang, and Wang’s extensive meta-analytic study of job...

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Bryan Dik, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer Jul 26, 2022

A Parent’s Guide to PathwayU

You’ve heard that your student’s college or university offers PathwayU as a resource–but what does that mean, and how can you help your student make the most of it? 

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Jen Gose Jul 19, 2022

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