Dreams are for Sleeping, Purpose is for Living

Are you living out your dreams with purpose? Only 30% of people end up working in the careers they dreamt of as kids. Do you remember being a kid, when you had the biggest, most audacious dreams? You couldn’t wait to grow up and become the President of the United States or the next Britney Spears. As the years passed, reality set in and you had to make some real decisions – decisions that didn’t include auditioning for American Idol or protecting the United States from the oval office. You were trying to figure out your next step, “Where do I want to go to school? Do I need to go to college? Do I want that promotion, or do I need to find a new career? How do I know if I’m making the right decision?” These questions have haunted us since we were teens trying to blindly plan out our lives. The truth is, it’s nearly impossible to plan out your life without knowing your purpose from the start. Many individuals who go through the motions, follow a big paycheck or make random decisions, end up unsatisfied. You can’t change where you start, but you can decide where you end up. How do we really know we are making the right decisions without guessing?


Two out of three teens indicated that they would be willing to give up their dream job for a higher paying job and only one out of eight adults say they gave up their childhood dream job for a more profitable career (Elmer, 2012). So why is the younger generation more inclined to be money driven? People are motivated by finances and the idea of abundant wealth when they have fewer life experiences. As you get older, enjoying what you do becomes more important than the money you receive.  Adam Neumann said, “I believe that when you do what you love, you find higher levels of satisfaction that can compensate for lower income.” That is truly powerful because there really is no greater sense of purpose than loving what you do each day.


If you believe that living life with a job you love is important, there are ways to know what education, career or employment pathway to take that will give you purpose no matter where you are in life. PathwayU can guide an individual towards the education or occupation that fits. By taking a few assessments, the platform scientifically pinpoints your unique gifts and aligns them with education, jobs, or careers paths you will find passion and purpose in. You will have a more meaningful and sustainable life by choosing a career not focused on money or dreams, but with purpose. You only get one life, live with purpose. Live with PathwayU.



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