4 Ways Career Services can be a Student Superhero

The Why Behind PathwayU

PathwayU was built to help students find their purpose in life. Our platform is based in science and academia. Our mission is to help students and universities create pathways for all.

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Students need a superhero. Career Services, for many, IS that superhero. Incoming first-year college students are stepping into a world that they don’t understand. Many of them are grasping for some hand to hold, but they may not find it in their peers. Instead, they need guidance and a plan, which often comes in the Career Services office.

Students miss out on many job opportunities simply because they don’t know what’s available to them. Just like turning on a light, so you don’t stub your toe in the dark, Career Services guides students by showing them what’s right in front of them.

Did you know that roughly 80% of first-year college students eventually choose a major based on salary and benefits?

Job knowledge requires some research, and Career Services is the place to get it. A good Career Services department provides students with counseling, research, data, connections, and many other benefits. Career Services professionals are supported by career pathing software; they can make more accurate and informed recommendations to students looking to be superheroes.
@JobZology says a great Career Services department can be the #1 factor in a university’s student body finding successful, fulfilling career opportunities down the road. Check out the full article here:@JobZology

Superhero Secret #1: Career Counseling

The opportunity to speak one-on-one with trained career counselors is an invaluable resource for many students. Students enjoy the ability to ask questions face-to-face and receive career guidance and job advice in real-time.

But how do you know the real student sitting in front of you? By encouraging the students you serve to use scientifically-backed career decision platforms like PathwayU, you can help them discover a career with purpose.

Shockingly, 61% of college graduates stated that they would change majors if they had the chance to restart their education. With the sharply rising costs of obtaining a bachelor’s degree, students need reassurance that their investment is worth the cost and that their major is worth the effort.

The rate of return on investment in college is under 14%, according to Independence. An informed career counselor can help students work through questions about which major to pursue or whether changing majors is the right move. With 43% of college graduates reportedly underemployed in their first job, having the right information to guide your students makes you a superhero.

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Many students don’t realize that counselors have the industry knowledge and expert advice for career planning. With years of experience and tools at their disposal, counselors can help you identify and evaluate your career options. If a student is having trouble figuring out exactly what they are interested in pursuing, counselors can help by recommending a career assessment to focus the search.

Superhero Secret #2: Career Research

The job market is constantly changing, and it can transform very quickly. It can be difficult for a student to focus on everyday things like midterms and studying while also keeping an eye on their potential job opportunities after graduation. Career Services can relieve a lot of that stress.

Labor market research will help students remain aware of what jobs are on the rise, which industries have a shortage of applicants, and which ones are becoming oversaturated. Career Service centers can also steer students to jobs that are just developing.

By doing research, utilizing data, and keeping tabs on the job market, career service departments can prevent students from becoming overwhelmed by the sheer size of the labor market.
61% of college graduates stated that they would change majors if they had the chance to restart their education. @JobZology says a great Career Services department can help keep students on the right track from the beginning:@JobZology

Superhero Secret #3: Job Interview Help

The interview process has many pieces that students have probably never encountered before. Chances are many students have never written a resume or cover letter, and most have little experience with job interviews. They may not know what questions to ask an interviewer, and they almost certainly won’t know how to follow up appropriately.

All of these bits of knowledge will serve them for the rest of their working lives, but they’ve got to learn it somewhere. Career Services should be their one-stop shop for these skills. Below are just a few interview services career offices provide:

  • Resume/CV Writing & Review
  • Interview Tips and Strategies
  • Online Resume/CV Samples
  • Mock Interviews

Career Services offices NEED to ensure their students are ready for the world of work. With nearly 1 in 5 students expecting to make $85,000 or more right out of college, it’s important to give them every advantage. By taking advantage of these resources, students can prepare themselves for entering the labor market and fine-tune their resume and interview skills to fit the demands of their industry.

DYK? About 17% of students expect to earn more than $85,000 per year from their first job after graduation, according to a recent survey.

Superhero Secret #4: Professional Connections

Another skill that is necessary for professional success that many students lack is networking. The ability to meet with and connect with other professionals within your industry will be crucial for the rest of students’ careers.

Often, it’s easier to learn in an environment that fosters valuable and lasting relationships. Career Service departments can link students with alumni and like-minded peers to help expand your professional network.

These connections can go further than a couple of passing questions about career opportunities or decisions. Mentorship programs, seminars, and peer groups can all give students a leg up in their early careers. Career Services can teach students how to make the first contact with a potential connection, follow up, and provide mutual value and support.

In the real job market, they may find more professional opportunities through personal connections than on job sites or LinkedIn. 70% of people found a job through connections in a company, so networking skills are essential.

Ready for your cape?

A university’s Career Services department can be the most important asset to a student if it provides support in the right areas. Proper guidance and aid can be the difference between students feeling like their school is behind them and feeling like they’re flying blind.

If you want your students to succeed, provide them with services that create a great career foundation. By offering early support, your students will be well on their way to achieving their career goals.

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